René Peralta Develops Tijuana Solar River Project

Woodbury University San Diego faculty member, René Peralta, and Jim Bliesner, director at the Center for Urban Economics and Design in San Diego, propose a plan to use the Tijuana River channel to create solar energy by installing panels across the top and using algae technology to treat water that runs toward the ocean.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that the two professors have been working on their plan for the 10.5-mile stretch of the Tijuana River channel together with the Scripps institute of Oceanography.

Union-Tribune contributor Sandra Dibble writes, “René Peralta and Jim Bliesner envision a giant energy farm along the length of the channel that would consist of solar panels across the top. Down below, they propose using algae systems to clean the water that flows down the river and eventually ends up in the Pacific Ocean. Interspersed along the channel would be trees, a parkway, and opportunities for art and vendors.”

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