Urbanism & Territory Concentration

Master of Science in Architecture (MSArch)

Woodbury’s MSArch concentration in Urbanism & Territory capitalizes on one of the most unique urban-territorial systems in the world: the region of Southern California. The U&T concentration invites students to position themselves among contemporary debates on the city and urbanization. In addition to design studios and seminars, elective coursework in political history and theory, macroeconomics, urban studies, anthropology, philosophy, art history, and interdisciplinary studies allow students to refine their specific area of interest.

Potential research topics include urban and regional structure, morphology, settlement patterns, logistical urbanism, infrastructure, urban metabolism, the hinterlands, ecology, scarcity, landscape, sustainability, peripheral conditions, and planetary urbanization. Regardless of research topic, the U&T concentration asks students to consider architecture’s role in engaging such large and complex questions. Students may also choose to work with the Hinterlands Institute.


Hinterlands Institute

MSArch students who concentrate in Materials & Fabrication are encouraged to work with the Hinterlands Institute. The Institute aims to engage with territories which have largely been omitted from the practice of architecture, as well as from critical, cultural and even aesthetic responses: the rural hinterlands of cities, the agricultural and man-altered landscapes, the productive and largely “un-picturesque” space beyond the city’s edge.

Learn About Hinterlands Institute

Sample Curriculum

Fall Semester Courses – 15 Units

ARCH 691: Graduate Studio 5: Focuses and Topics (6 units)
Alternate to above: ARCH 587: Graduate Studio 3: Infrastructure (6 units)
Alternate to above: ARCH 491: Design Studio 5A: Contemporary Topics (6 units)

ARCH 680: Graduate Thesis Preparation (3 units)

ARCH 554: Criticism 1: Fieldwork Los Angeles (3 units)
Alternate to above: ARCH 5702: Contemporary Issues (3 units)

URBS XXX: Urban Studies Elective (3 units; see Electives, below)

Spring Semester Courses – 15 Units

ARCH 692: Graduate Thesis Studio (6 units)
ARCH 334: Urban Design Theory (3 units; change title?)
ARCH 5702: Contemporary Issues (3 units)
URBS XXX: Urban Studies Elective (3 units; see Electives, below)

Summer Semester Course – 6 Units

ARCH 681: Graduate Thesis Studio 2 (6 units)

Additional Electives


ARCH 565: Visualization 4: Evolving Media
ARCH XXX: GIS and Grasshopper Workshop (new)
ARCH XXX: Mapping Workshop (new)


ANTH 220: Cultural Anthropology


ECON 203: Macroeconomics

Art History

ARTH 334: Curatorial Studies: Theory and Criticism
ARTH 3736: Public Art & the Public Sphere

Interdisciplinary Studies

INDS 350: Interdisciplinary Research
INDS 370: Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies


PHIL 210: Ethical Systems

Politics & History

POHI 331: Classic Political Theory
POHI 332: Contemporary Political Theory
POHI 333: Globalization

Urban Studies

URBS 301: Urban Theory
URBS 311: Urban Ecology and Los Angeles
URBS 312: The Infrastructural City
URBS 321: Environmental Urbanism
URBS 322: The Global Metropolis
URBS 331: Food and the City

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