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At Woodbury University you will find some of the most sophisticated fabrication technologies available across architecture and interior design. The Making Complex serves as the primary source of information for students looking to use Woodbury’s fabrication facilities.

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Updated San Diego Protocols

You may download the latest San Diego Making Complex Protocols through the link below.
This quick-guide is intended to inform Students, Staff, and Faculty of the policy & protocol changes
enacted in the Making Complex at the San Diego Campus in regards to the global pandemic.

SAN DIEGO Protocols


Services Offered


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The MC provides the Woodbury University community access to a multitude of fabrication resources. Among the long list of machines, the following are exclusively accessed by first making a reservation: Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, CNC Routing.

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Safety Orientations

We urge you to visit our machine specific pages which contain appointment policy reminders, helpful template files and outlined machine use guides. The School encourages all students to complete all offered orientations.

Safety orientations

Student Tutorials

The Woodbury School of Architecture offers a series of complimentary training workshops at the beginning of each semester. These workshops are open to all students interested in gaining access to the Making Complex.


File Submission

The Making Complex offers digital file submissions for the 3D Printers and CNC Routers.

File submission

Facilities Available



Contact the Making Complex

The Making Complex is supervised by Woodbury School of Architecture Dean Heather Flood and managed by Hans Whendel (Los Angeles) and Andrew Wagner (San Diego). The Making Complex employs numerous assistants to help with the various operations within the facilities, including the laser cutters, the CNC router, and the 3D printers.

To get in touch with us either call or email the following:

Los Angeles Campus
818 252 3315
[email protected]

San Diego Campus
619 693 4408
[email protected]

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