Occidente Nuevo: Recycled Tijuana

Please join us at Woodbury University San Diego for Occidente Nuevo: Recycled Tijuana – a Library South Series event that is part of Archtoberfest San Diego 2015.

As the City of Tijuana grew out of its downtown core into California- style suburban developments, the housing stock for these neighborhoods was created by recycled San Diego homes that traveled across the border to Tijuana. Laura Migliorino and Anthony Marchetti will show a series of photographs documenting the homes and families that inhabit them.

Join us for a discussion with the artist and invited guests regarding this particular border housing phenomena where San Diego and Tijuana conjointly created a “migrating” housing landscape across the border.

The Panel Participants:
* Ted Smith, local architect/developer and Co-Chair, Master of Science in Architecture, Real Estate and Development at Woodbury University
* Tito Alegria, Director of the Department of Urban Studios and the Natural Environment at El Colegio de la Frontera Norte in Mexico
* Larry Herzog, Professor, Graduate Program in City Planning, School of Public Affairs at San Diego State University
* Michael Bell, Professor of Architecture at the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University
* Rene Peralta, Professor at Woodbury School of Architecture, will moderate.

Photo by Laura Migliorino
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