Public Safety Administration Student Attains Legal Office Internship

The College of Liberal Arts’ History, Political Science, and Public Safety Administration programs are the university’s gateway majors to a future in law. For undergraduates with an interest in law, an important part of that process is a legal internship, but acquiring those positions is highly competitive.

This past summer, Public Safety Administration major Derek Garcia landed one of those coveted internships. We spoke with Derek, whose position in the Antelope Valley branch of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office provided a thorough understanding of the job’s multifaceted workload and prepared him for his goal of working in criminal law.

His internship responsibilities ranged from simple clerical tasks to researching issues affecting specific cases. “It was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn how courtrooms work and take part in the enormous amount of research conducted when collecting and analyzing evidence,” says Derek.

Importantly, what he learned on the job aligned with the Public Safety Administration curriculum, and he found that his course work prepared him to assist district attorneys with their heavy workload. Derek applauded the Public Safety Administration program and the internship experience for giving him the confidence he needed to “enter my future career after graduating from Woodbury University.”


Last Updated on October 12, 2021. 

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