Celebrating 85 Years of Interior Design

Commitment to inclusiveness and individual thinking

In 85 years, our program has gone through many changes.  Launched in 1931, the interior design program joined the School of Architecture in 2009 to emphasize its commitment to space and the human experience. The name changed from Interior Design to Interior Design as another way to strengthen our view of the program as a holistic study of the built environment, addressing all scales and senses. Most recently, we launched a Master of Interior Design program creating a stronger focus on the theoretical and experimental side of our profession.

One ideal that has remained constant in the Interior Design program is our commitment to inclusiveness. We not only embrace the diversity of ideas and ideals, but also the incredible range of participants in the program, including students, faculty, and staff.  We are proud to see ourselves as a polychromatic school which includes and elevates all backgrounds. Our graduating class of 2017 exemplifies and celebrates our passion for individual thinkers and creators.

Unmentionables Symposium

Join us on April 7-8 for the Unmentionables Symposium, an inaugural two-day event hosted by the Department of Interior Architecture   and held at Helms Design Center in Culver City.

Coinciding with the 85th anniversary of Woodbury’s Interior Architecture program, the event highlights critical latent issues within the discipline today.

Unmentionables is aimed at exploring new narratives for interior architecture and establishing a precedent for welcoming previously unmentioned ideas in spatial practice and theory. The symposium will serve as a provocation for marginalia, taboos, illicit ideas, and undertheorized issues such as critical interiority and physical and virtual constructed environments.


Alumni Spotlight: Anna and Maria Kobalyan
Interior Architecture Alumni

Anna Kobalyan

Interior Architecture Alumni

Maria Kobalyan

End of Year Interior Architecture Student Showcase

Join us for the End-of-Year Showcase featuring student work from the class of 2017.

Final Reviews, Saturday, 29 April, 9 am-6 pm, Architecture Complex
Final Review Reception, Saturday, 29 April, 6 pm, Architecture Courtyard

All events are open to the public.

Interior Architecture: A Close-Knit Community of Creative Minds


Historical Highlights of our Interior Architecture Program

  • 1931 Woodbury College launches an interior design program.
  • 1996 Woodbury hires Linda Pollari as chair of interior design.
  • 2002 Woodbury hires Randy Stauffer as chair of interior architecture.
  • 2005 Woodbury’s department of interior architecture is accredited by FIDER (now CIDA).
  • 2008 Woodbury’s interior architecture program achieves National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) accreditation.
  • 2009 Woodbury’s department of interior architecture leaves the School of Media, Culture & Design and joins the School of Architecture.
  • 2014 School of Architecture launches the Master of Interior Architecture program in Los Angeles.
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