Gregory Ain at WUHO Gallery

The exhibition opening of “Gregory Ain: Low-Cost Modern Housing and the Construction of a Social Landscape” at WUHO Gallery on April 4, 2015, was a great success.

The opening night included a screening of the Christiane Robbins documentary “The Bauhaus Ranch”, which unveils the little-known social contexts of Gregory Ain’s work. Visitors also had the chance to listen to a panel discussion sponsored by the Julius Shulman Institute. Panelists included Barbara Bestor from Bestor Architecture, Richard Corsini from Corsini Stark Architects, and Anthony Denzer, author of Gregory Ain: The Modern Home as Social Commentary (2008) as well as Katherine Lambert from Metropolitan Architectural Practice and Christiane Robbins from Jetztzeit Studios.

Woodbury School of Architecture faculty member Anthony Fontenot introduced the panelists and initiated the discussion by connecting Ain’s work to low-cost housing needs in today’s costly metropolitan areas: “The crucial question today is what role should housing play in defining a more sustainable urban pattern. The development of an infrastructure based on shared resources at the local and regional scale has become one of the most pressing issues of our time. To reflect on the work of Ain today offers an opportunity to examine an extraordinary period in Los Angeles when many supported a progressive approach to urban planning in the form of cooperative housing. I concluded with a question: How might this legacy of research and design help to imagine new solutions to low-cost housing today?”

The exhibition is open to visitors until April 26, 2015, at WUHO Gallery in Hollywood.