Faculty / College of Liberal Arts

Tsoleen Donoyan

Adjunct Faculty, Writing Center

Tsoleen Donoyan is an Adjunct Professor of Writing. She has been teaching the WRIT courses in the Academic Writing Program since Fall 2016. Professor Donoyan is also an Adjunct English Instructor at Glendale Community College and at California State University of Los Angeles where she has been a Lecturer for four years. Her classes include studies in formal Academic Writing and Composition, which are integrated with literature of childhood perspectives, specifically those surrounding a traumatic experience. Her teaching philosophy is to be a motivating facilitator in a collaborative learning environment by providing students with the necessary tools to be critical thinkers and ultimately find their “writer’s voice” throughout each term. Prior to teaching Writing courses, her love for the English language moved her to becoming an English as a Second Language educator for immigrants and refugees at a non-profit vocational school for several years. As a graduate of English studies, Professor Donoyan focused on Poetry and Creative Writing as her emphasis. This ignited her spark for the love of writing as an expression of emotional and critical thought processes. She culminated her degree with a Poetry Anthology Thesis project titled Tson-Tson: Fragmented Selves Post-Death, which she is currently working on getting published.


MA, English, California State University, Los Angeles
BA, English, University of California, Los Angeles
AA, Transfer Studies, Glendale Community College