Faculty / School of Media, Culture & Design

Sebastian Peschiera

Adjunct Faculty, Applied Computer Science

Sebastian Peschiera is a Creative Director and Art Director. He has lead the creation of several large scale new media installations. His interest is in the intersection between art, media, design, architecture, and experiential design with the goal of sparking public interest and participation. He has multiple awards for his aesthetics and his design methodologies steam out of the combination of deep research and art.

Because of his multidisciplinary approach he is able to wear various creative hats, on any given day you would find Sebastian, researching, sketching ideas, building real time prototypes, designing, animating in 3d, UX/UI, imagining installations and experience design logistics, leading design teams, and experimenting with new technologies that have the potential to move the media arts practice forward.

With public artworks currently displayed in: Pasadena, Santa Monica, Downtown L.A, Palo Alto, Huntington Beach & The Autry Museum. His work is seen by thousands of people every day.


MA, Media Design and Research, SciArc
BFA, University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras