Faculty / School of Architecture

Salvador Medina

Adjunct Faculty

Salvador is an architectural and structural design and theory instructor with over 15 years of adjunct teaching experience in a number of courses in architectural and structural education and over 20 years of full practice experience in the field of structural, building, design and construction consulting practice. Salvador has thought courses on structural principles, statics, mechanics, design engineering, material science & philosophy, structural systems, history of engineering and architectural theory at undergraduate and graduate level as well as a professional practice experience in structural design consulting of building types ranging from residential, commercial and institutional.

Salvador’s academic and theoretic interest is in exploring the morphogenetic properties of material for a self-generating design and its implications on an architecture construction in the socio-economic-political and cultural context . Philosophy and science current merging in the guises of material science, material philosophy, architecture and engineering history as it relates to architectural design and civilization’s design and evolution of environmental development for physical human and non-human wellness. The concept of a developing The Center for Academic Support, “Campo Filosofico” across the border (Tijuana Mex.), a center-gallery for theoretic, architectural and urban research study, artistic exhibits, and philosophic studies for the application of design in a conceptual and built urban socio-economic-political


Masters of Architecture from UC Berkeley, CA
Bachelors in Science in Architectural Engineering, California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo, CA
Architecture Associate Degree, Southwestern College, Chula Vista, CA

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