Faculty / School of Architecture

Nina Briggs

Adjunct Faculty, Interior Architecture

Nina Briggs is the founding principal of THE FABRIC in Pasadena, California, cultivating new and renovation residential projects since 1987. Ms. Briggs received a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California, and has taught architecture, interior architecture and design at California State University Northridge, The University of California Los Angeles Extension ARCID, The Art Institute of Los Angeles, Woodbury University, and College of the Canyons. Focusing on Interior Architecture in her research and teaching, Nina seeks to elevate and redefine design to positively affect inhabitants psychologically, while solving spatial problems. Her interdisciplinary analysis of architecture and interior design in the context of culture, draws from anthropology, psychology and human geography, thinking beyond the traditional boundaries of space-making.  Through ethnographic research, via cognitive and human behavioral mapping, Nina observes and analyzes the psychological responses to space, producing empirical data and theories, generating hypotheses that inform design more effectively and sensitively. As design becomes increasingly interdisciplinary, she explores how these shifts in paradigms transform design pedagogy and practice.


ARCH, University of Southern California