Faculty / School of Architecture

Nikita Pashenkov

Participating Adjunct,
Department of Applied Computer Science

Nikita Pashenkov was born and raised in the former Soviet Union and emigrated to USA in 1991. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree with Honors from the Architecture School at Princeton University in 1998 and Master of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2002. At MIT, Nikita was a member of Aesthetics & Computation Group led by John Maeda at the Media Laboratory, researching topics in interactive computer graphics and physical computing. Between 2003-5 he resided in Tokyo working as a researcher at GK Tech, a branch of the Japanese industrial design conglomerate GK Design Group. In 2005 he moved to Los Angeles and co-founded Aeolab, a design & technology firm whose clients have included BMW, Designworks, Disney, Frog Design, IDEO, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Electronics and others. Prior to joining Woodbury University’s Applied Computer Science Program, Nikita has served as adjunct faculty at Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc) and USC.


BA, Princeton University, 1998
MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2002