Faculty / School of Media, Culture & Design

Michael Faber

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

Dr. Faber’s main research interests lie at the intersection of personality, media psychology, and pop culture. His ongoing projects include the study of Internet “trolling” personalities, implicit emotional preferences for archetypal themes and character types in popular media, and personal identification/parasocial interaction with admired media others. He actively teaches numerous courses in the Woodbury psychology curriculum in addition to his classes in Personality and in Media, including Senior Thesis, Advanced Research Methods, Advanced Statistics, Social Psychology, Influence and Persuasion, History of Psychological Science, and a seminar on the Psychology of Evil. In his free time, he enjoys music, hiking, and attempting to play golf.

Co-Authored papers:

Seventy-five years of motivation measures (1930–2005): A descriptive analysis
Resonance to archetypes in media: There’s some accounting for taste
Personal Intelligence and Resilience: Recovery in the Shadow of Broken Connections


PhD, Personality Psychology, University of New Hampshire
MST, College Teaching, University of New Hampshire
MA, Personality Psychology, University of New Hampshire
BA, Psychology, University of Michigan