Faculty / School of Architecture

Jonathan Segal

Adjunct Faculty

Jonathan Segal FAIA redefines the role of the traditional architect by exclusively eliminating the client and developing, constructing and designing his own work. He has designed, developed, and constructed National and International award winning and trend setting single family and medium- to high-density residential, live/work, and mixed-use housing in downtown San Diego and La Jolla, California since 1988.


Throughout his career, Jonathan has been as devoted to the interests of Downtown San Diego as he is to the creativity of his architecture.  Staunchly opposed to insensitive development, Jonathan is adamant about preserving historic and important architecture while sensitively integrating new development.  This passion for architecture and downtown has not gone unnoticed.  He has received over eighty National, State, and local design awards, and several of those underscore that his standout talents have come at an early age: he has won seven National American Institute of Architecture Housing Honors (AIA) and Five State of California AIA Honor Awards for Urban Housing more than any San Diego architect; he was named by the San Diego Union Tribune as one of “Four Architects” in the city’s history that have made a difference; in 2003, he was named to the AIA’s College of Fellows, FAIA – the youngest San Diego architect to be named to this prestigious fraternity; Jonathan was honored as Residential Architect Magazine’s 2004 National Rising Star and has won seven Residential Architecture Magazine honor awards including project of the year in 2012. In January, 2011 Residential Architect Magazine named him as one of the top fifty architects in the nation. Last fall Arch Daily selected Jonathan as one of 9 entrepreneurial Architects in the United States who developed innovative product and services.