Faculty / School of Media, Culture & Design

Jerry Beck

Adjunct Faculty, Department of Animation

Jerry Beck is an animation historian and cartoon producer. His fifteen books on the subject include The Animated Movie Guide, Looney Tunes: The Ultimate Visual Guide and The 50 Greatest Cartoons. He is a former studio exec with Nickelodeon and Disney, and is currently a consulting producer for Warner Bros. Archive. Beck has programmed animation retrospectives and animator tributes for the Annecy and Ottawa Animation Festivals, The Museum of Modern Art and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. He has taught animation history at NYU, SVA, the AFI and UCLA. Beck started his career in film distribution, working at MGM/UA, Orion Classics, Cannon Films and Expanded Entertainment (Tournee of Animation), before starting his own company, Streamline Pictures in 1989, the first U.S. distributor to import anime features such as Otomo’s Akiraand , Miyazaki’s Laputa: Castle In The Sky. Beck was instrumental in launching Animation Magazine,and has written for The Hollywood Reporter and Variety. He has also created, written and produced animated films for various clients. His most recent animation project, Hornswiggle, aired on the Nickelodeon. Beck co-created Cartoon Brew and co-wrote the blog for nine years. Today he edits two blogs, Animation Scoop and Cartoon Research.

Website: http://www.animationscoop.com