Faculty / College of Liberal Arts

Doug Brownell

Adjunct Faculty, Physics and Environmental Studies, San Diego Campus

Professor Brownell graduated with honors from UCSD, where he received both his BS and MS in Physics. He also spent two summers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a graduate student intern, coding 2-D flow simulations for the Earth Sciences Dept. Since graduating in 1994 he has taught continuously in the Greater San Diego area. Prof. Brownell is a “freeway flier”, an adjunct professor who works for four different community college districts within San Diego County. He teaches all levels of physics, from Intro to Physical Science (for non-science majors) to Electricity & Magnetism (for engineering & science transfer students — and his favorite!). His teaching philosophy is simple — make our understanding of the physical world, with all its mathematical elegance, both relevant and awe inspiring.

Outside of academia, Mr B is an avid historical re-creationist. His interests include traditional engraving techniques in brass, silver and gold; historic shoe-making, especially medieval turnshoes and pattens; historic costuming from late medieval France; reconstruction of late Renaissance dance; and finally medieval calligraphy, for which he has earned national recognition.


MS, Physics, University of California, San Diego