Faculty / School of Business

Angelo A. Camillo

Associate Professor of Management

Angelo A. Camillo,  PhD  is  Associate  Professor  of  Strategic  Management in  the  School  of Business  at Woodbury  University  in  Burbank  California,  USA: http://woodbury.edu/school-of-business/faculty/. He teaches courses  in Strategy  and Business Policy, Management Consulting, Global  Enterprise  Management and  Business  Development.

He  is  also  Visiting  Professor  at various  institutions  in  Europe  and  China  where  he  teaches Entrepreneurship  and  International Management. Dr. Camillo conducts research in the area of Competitive Advantage, International Management,   Entrepreneurship   Management,   Strategic   Marketing and   Innovation,   Wine Business, Hospitality and Tourism Management.  He  is the  Founding Editor of the International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality  Management in the Digital Age. His international industry experience as an expatriate executive spans over 35 years  in  10  countries  and  four  continents.  Professor Camillo  received  an  associate  degree  in accounting  and  hospitality  management  from  the  Italian  State School  in  Sorrento  Italy,  and  an undergraduate   degree   in   Hospitality   Business   Management   from   the   School   of   Hotel Management  in  Heidelberg,  Germany.  He  holds  a  MBA  degree  from  San Francisco  State University and a PhD. from Oklahoma State University. He also received diplomas in Executive Management Development from Cornell University.

Dr. Camillo is the author of four books. His research papers have been published in international academic journals including International Journal of Wine Business Research, Cornell Hotel and Restaurant   Administration   Quarterly,   International   Journal   of   Hospitality   Management, International Journal of Agribusiness Marketing,Journal of Food Products Marketing, Journal of Applied Accounting Research, TOURISMOS and Journal of Emerging Economy Studies.   He has contributed more than 30 chapters to various edited books, and has been featured in various national and international media including PR Newswire, Business Journals, CBS Live, Nation’s Restaurant News, The Denver Post,  Smart Business Magazine, Sacramento Business Journal, 92.9  FM  life (Buffalo  NY), Niagara  Falls  Review, Entrepreneur  Magazine,New  Zealand Herald,Sydney  News-Australia, The  Australian  News,Caterer  &  Hotel  Keeper- UK, Oman Daily News (Sultanate of Oman) and Gulf News (Sharjah, United Arab Emirates).