2014-2015 College of Distinction Woodbury University

Woodbury University is known for its distinguished role in meeting the educational needs of Southern California for over 130 years. Woodbury is a nonprofit, coeducational and nonsectarian university.

In addition to its oldest academic programs in the School of Business, the University is growing with the announcement of its new College of Transdisciplinarity, while also winning faculty/student awards in the School of Architecture and the School of Media, Culture & Design.  All four schools/colleges are recognized as centers of innovation and creativity while emphasizing independent thought and action.

What makes Woodbury University distinct?  The Four Pillars upon which a Woodbury education rests.  They are our values, our active verbs, our lodestars.  They form the core of the student experience; they define our aspirations and our outcomes.


Harnessing the creative power of multiple disciplines that come together to share perspectives across boundaries and discover solutions.

Design Thinking:

Developing the ability, desire and confidence to imagine new ideas that give students a competitive edge.


Gaining business knowledge that creates opportunities for actionable growth and success.

Civic Engagement:

Achieving fulfillment through exposure and experience with the community and the process of giving back.