General information regarding diplomas

Diplomas will be issued to students upon completion of their degree requirements (December, May, or August). The diploma will show the student’s official or legal name as it appears on the degree application unless changed in writing by the student prior to the graduation date for that student.

  • Woodbury’s longstanding policy is to have only one diploma extant. A replacement diploma in the name of the student as it appeared at the original time of issue will be provided upon written request of the student, return of the damaged diploma, if possible, and payment for materials and printing (replacement fees are currently $50.00). The replacement will be provided in the current format and with current signatures. Requests for a replacement diploma must include a daytime mailing address since a delivery receipt signature is required.
  • If a student’s name has been legally changed by court order, or gender change, a new diploma may be issued upon written request, including legal proof of the change, payment of the fee, and return of the original diploma.