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Proud of our past. Creating our future.

For more than 130 years, over 77,000 alumni have graduated from Woodbury University, becoming trailblazers throughout Los Angeles, California and the nation. Woodbury strives to foster a lifelong community of alumni connected to each other and to the institution with the goal of generating private financial support and engagement with the university.

We work in partnership with alumni to advance a positive image of the university, promote university and alumni accomplishments, and provide opportunities for alumni networking. You are members of an elite group of innovators that has created history, and for that you should be very proud!

Ways You Can Help

Make a gift in support of education.

Giving Opportunities

There are many ways to give of your time, including serving on advisory boards, event and fundraising committees, and career panels; attending recruiting fairs; and providing valuable feedback.

Update Your Information

Have you recently moved? Received a promotion at work? LET US KNOW! By keeping our records up to date you ensure that you are receiving the latest and greatest updates from Woodbury, as well as invitations to special events and activities! Be sure to let us know of the changes! Give us a call or send us an email.

Phone:  (818) 252-5214


Career Opportunities

Are you currently looking for a job? Do you have a job you need filled? Check out our online career resource page to see what we have listed! This page is updated monthly, so make sure you check back often!

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