All Hail the GIFs

Studio finals are exactly one week away. We are swamped with finals and work, but I know that all of us can pull through it and finish the semester strong. I highly believe in taking breaks and having “me times” to be successful in time management. Inspired by my fellow friend and co-worker’s Jokes Only A Psych Major Would Love and 100 Blog Post Ideas That Will Make Your Blog “HOT,” I’ve decided to have this post of just GIFs, the fodder of internet memes. Consider reading this blog as a mini de-stresser from finals. Enjoy!

Now don’t try this in the Residence Hall kitchens…


I’m sure this is all of us when Daylight Savings Time came too.



My friends try so hard to do this to me.



I do this all the time when I get back on campus.



The #BrokeCollegeStudent




Passwords nowadays



I will never make my parents proud for this…


I think all bloggers here can understand this. Or maybe you’re submitting that essay onto Moodle.