SoA Faculty Alan Loomis Nominated for Civil Servant of the Year

L.A. Architecture faculty member Alan Loomis was recently nominated for StreetsBlog Streetsies 2014 Civil Servant of the Year. Alan is the Principal Urban Designer for the City of Glendale, California, where he leads the City’s Community Design and Outreach Studio which is responsible for developing and enforcing design policies, guidelines and historic preservation programs.  The Studio also provides design advice to city boards, departments, and applicants. Alan has taught urban design at Woodbury University in Burbank for many years, and created the DeliriousLA listing of Los Angeles area architecture and urban design events, now hosted and curated by the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design. As Glendale’s Principal Urban Designer, Alan is the guiding hand for the city’s effort to develop a freeway cap park [Space 134], planning transit-oriented development around the Tropico Station Metrolink Station and the Downtown Specific Plan, whose corresponding Mobility Study gathers best-practices to reduce auto congestion and promote multi-modal transportation.