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  • Veteran Relations at Woodbury

  • Lorena E.

    US Army Veteran

    Bachelor of Business Administration, Class of 2016

  • George R.

    USMC Veteran

    Baron Business Award Recipient and School of Architecture, Class of 2015

  • Angela S.

    US Army Veteran and Veteran Liaison

    Masters in Leadership, Class of 2015

  • Juan C.

    US Army

    2014 Architecture Graduate

  • Woodbury University Serving Veterans

    For Over 60 Years

Explore Veteran Relations

Military & Veteran Relations at Woodbury

Woodbury University has a proud, longstanding tradition of welcoming service members home as they make the transition into civilian life. Veteran students hold a special place here in the Woodbury family especially for having educated Veterans for over 60 years.

While some Woodbury students are living on their own for the first time after graduating from high school, many have real-world experience just like our student veterans.   We know our veteran students are already proven leaders and team players with a strong sense of civic responsibility.  As such, we rely on our student veterans to serve as role models to fellow classmates and participate as an integral part of our community.

It is our pleasure to serve you and it is our goal to assist you through every stage of the process, from applying and choosing a program, to integrating into campus life.

At Woodbury you will never be alone in your transition. Our Student Veteran Association and Alumni will offer you peer to peer support through a battle buddy system that will help you rally together as you transition into student life at Woodbury.

We strive to partner you with mentors from our growing community of faculty, students and alumni. With our induction into the Student Veterans of America as an official chapter, we hope to provide a nurturing home where veteran students can thrive academically, socially and within the community at large.

Woodbury University is known for empowering people to do extraordinary things.  As a veteran, we understand you have already accomplished extraordinary feats in service to our country. For our veterans, our goal is to foster the cohesion between our veteran leaders and civilian student body, faculty and staff, to achieve a community of excellence.

Woodbury strives for greatness by upholding these four pillars:

Transdisciplinarity: Thinking and acting holistically by bridging multiple perspectives and practices.

Design Thinking: Creating impactful solutions by linking needs and functions to limits and possibilities.

Entrepreneurship: Pursuing visionary opportunities to realize innovative knowledge, practice or product.

Civic Engagement: Strengthening communities by actively applying critical knowledge, skills and values.

Student Veteran Testimonials of Woodbury University

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    Did You Know:
    Pop Whitten, our longest standing university president, had a tradition of welcoming ‘the warrior’ (both male and female veterans), back home, as they entered Woodbury University to finish their higher education. Woodbury has educated Veterans for over 60 years.
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    Some student veterans bring with them a long proud service history of their own, such as our own Veteran Liaison, Angela Sanna, who shares a proud military service history with her grandfather (center) who also served in the US Army, 1945.

Our Student Veterans are an amazing group of individuals that serve as role models to fellow classmates and participate as an integral part of our community.  We hope you will become a part of our growing community as well!

It is our pleasure to serve you...

Veterans receive individual attention in all facets of the Woodbury experience. Beginning with our experienced Veteran’s admissions team and registrars office, we have three dedicated Veteran certifying officials to assist you with the VA education benefits certification.

General questions? Please reach out to our Veteran Liaison, Angela Sanna, for assistance. As a veteran and Woodbury graduate, she is uniquely qualified to answer your questions and aid you in your transition.

If you are interested in applying to WU, click the Apply button on this page. Questions? Click Live Chat or the Info button. Prefer to speak to someone? Just give us a call. Enter your contact information to get on our emailing list. 

Woodbury Student Veterans Admissions Counselor:

Phone: 800-784-9663

Registrar's/Certifying Veterans Official:

Phone: 818-252-5270


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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for VA benefits and financial aid doesn’t have to be difficult. Please click on the questions below for guidance.

How do I apply for VA benefits?
To file for education benefits with the VA, the veterans, service members, reservists, and spouses/dependents of a “service-connected” disabled or deceased veteran may use the Veterans On-Line Application (VONAPP) website.

Visit to file a claim. Please retain a copy for your files.

After completing the VONAPP (allow 2-3 weeks for processing), you will receive a “Certificate of Eligibility” letter in the mail from the Department of Veterans Affairs, which you must submit to Woodbury University’s Registrar’s Office immediately.
How do I apply for financial aid?
Veterans and/or dependents receiving veterans education benefits are strongly encouraged to also apply for financial aid.

Many students believe they may not receive both financial aid and VA benefits—this is not true!

If you have not done so already, apply for a personal identification number (PIN) by visiting so that you can complete the online version of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
Complete the FAFSA online at

Veteran students on the Woodbury experience

  • Woodbury University's professors, faculty, and students have been instrumental throughout my transition process from military to civilian life. The professors enable me to utilize my leadership skills, the faculty supports my every need, and the student veterans boost my moral, welcoming me into campus life.

    Lorena E.

    US Army Veteran
  • I appreciate the size of Woodbury. The classes are small so you get very personal attention from faculty and staff. I have never felt like a number here, more like a member of a team.

    George R.

    Marine Corps Veteran
  • Finding fellowship among veterans in staff, faculty and other students at Woodbury eased my transition experience...knowing there are others on campus that understand that process and me, as a veteran, is what has helped make my college experience a good one

    Angela S.

    US Army Veteran
  • I refer to a quote by Patton, "You're never beaten until you admit it", simply because when I started Woodbury I didn't have a clue in what I was doing... it was all new to me and I had to adapt quickly if I wanted to continue on the path that I am currently in... getting to meet all the veterans has been great, it is always great to meet and find other veterans that are taking similar steps as I am in order to achieve our educational goals...

    Christan C.

    US Army
  • Woodbury's support for student veterans has allowed me to put all my energy and focus on earning an accounting degree with a 3.98 GPA.

    Phillip B.

    US Air Force