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Woodbury University relies on the power of volunteers to produce events, provide advice to current students, and participate in career development and fundraising activities as well as enhance the reputation and profile of the institution throughout the community.

Ways to Volunteer

  • Get involved with your graduating class. Work with your class as an officer, as a reunion volunteer, or on the Founders’ Week committee.
  • Get involved with the Alumni Association, and work as an officer. Host a regional association gathering.
  • Recruit and interview prospective students in your hometown. Learn more about how you can become an Alumni Admissions volunteer.
  • Support your graduating class through the Annual Giving Campaign.
  • Provide career advice in your field to other Woodbury students and alumni. Learn more about how you can get involved with Careers and Alumni networking events around the country.

Please contact the Careers and Alumni Office if you are interested in getting involved with any part of the Woodbury community. There are many ways to give of your time, including serving on advisory boards, event and fundraising committees, and career panels; attending critiques; staffing an event; attending recruiting fairs; and providing valuable feedback.