President’s Roundtable

Members of the President’s Roundtable come from different parts of our community but share a
common interest in Woodbury University and our mission. They are special friends who provide annual unrestricted support to the university’s schools and departments, help guide the university’s course,
and ensure Woodbury’s success for years to come by providing essential contributions to university programs and needs.

The President’s Roundtable seeks to recognize those whose annual giving truly demonstrates philanthropy. The greatest benefit of membership is your impact on academic excellence. Members enjoy special standing as benefactors who make a measurable difference in the advancement of excellence that has characterized Woodbury University for over a century.

Because of your direct impact on inquisitive young minds and on the institution itself, the university expresses its gratitude in several ways. You will be a special guest at the exclusive annual donor dinner, have special recognition in the President’s Annual Report, and receive invitations to university receptions and lectures.

If you would like more information, please contact:
C. Damon Griffin
Associate Director of Annual Giving
(818) 252-5289