MBA on a Mission

Woodbury University’s Master in Business Administration program gives working professionals the tools to advance their careers.  Woodbury knows that you want a degree that gives you a competitive advantage in the business world, yet doesn’t complicate your already busy life.

Woodbury is fully accredited by WASC and ACBSP and offers you:

  • Flexible, accelerated degree and weekend formats
  • Real world business leaders and CEOs as professors
  • A multi-generational learning environment that reflects the real world
  • Professors who lead by example
  • An alumni network that opens doors to business opportunity

Woodbury’s intensive MBA program prepares business graduates to compete in a dynamic, global environment marked by rapid technological and social change. Our MBA curriculum is comprised of a sound foundation of functional skills in the areas of accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and IT. This knowledge base is further enhanced by a heavy dose of organizational behavior skills, including emotional intelligence, ethical leadership, and strategy. In addition, the MBA capstone provides a simulation of what it takes to run a multimillion dollar company, focusing on finance, the cause and effect relationships between functional areas, satisfying customer demands, competitive analysis, leadership, management development, and team process skills.

Woodbury’s mix of talented MBA students provides a unique study team model which prepares you to engage in and listen to a broad spectrum of ideas and perspectives. We believe that a well-rounded business education should involve a happy amalgam of functional skills that prepare you to lead in an effective, ethical, and responsible manner.

“It’d be nice if the business challenges our students face in real life neatly bundled according to their areas of expertise,” says Dr. Satinder Dhiman, associate dean of business and graduate programs, Woodbury.  “But we engender a holistic view so our graduates can interface with people from a variety of disciplines.  That way they have the skill set to deal with business challenges that are not so neatly defined.” 

Woodbury offers classes in the evenings and on weekends, and you can earn your MBA in as little as one calendar year. If you have a bachelor’s degree in a subject area other than business, Woodbury offers a series of preparatory courses to build your foundational skills, so you can undertake the core course work in the MBA degree program and finish in approximately 1 ½ years.

Take a look at what Woodbury can do for your future.

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