Woodbury University Establishes Dr. Nazeli Charchian Memorial Scholarship

Community Leader’s Legacy Remembered

Woodbury University has announced the establishment of the Dr. Nazeli Charchian Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The Fund is established by the Charchian family in memory of respected physician and devoted philanthropist Dr. Nazeli Charchian, on the occasion of her passing.

Two $2500 annual scholarships will be provided to deserving candidates.  The purpose of the scholarship fund is to empower women through education.  The scholarship is for current students or those seeking to enroll at Woodbury University from Glendale Community College.  Recipients of the scholarship must be female students who demonstrate humanitarianism, by definition, a devotion to promoting the welfare of humanity.

“Woodbury University is honored to add the Dr. Nazeli Charchian Memorial Scholarship Fund to its support resources for current Glendale students and those planning to enroll at Woodbury from Glendale Community College.   Through this fund her legacy of community service and leadership will live and be passed on to future leaders” said André B. van Niekerk, Ph.D., Dean School of Business, Woodbury University.

Applications are being accepted now.  To apply for the Scholarship please contact Armond Aghakhanian at Woodbury University Relations Department (818) 394-3389 or email- armond.aghakhanian@woodbury.edu