Woodbury Marketing Students Explore Sustainability

Woodbury University’s MRKT 3701 Sustainable Marketing course taught by Dr. Mine Ucok Hughes allowed students to explore what sustainability means and what role it plays in society, the economy and the environment. Students applied concepts of sustainability to business strategies to see how to make companies more socially and economically responsible while maintaining business goals. Students learned these skills through teamwork, research, and oral and written presentations.

Throughout the course, students read a variety of literature to understand the effects of unsustainable practices in different industries and watched educational videos demonstrating what advocacy groups and other organizations have done to create change. Students acquired field experience from group projects and site visits to local organizations currently contributing to Los Angeles' sustainability efforts. They also partnered with the INDS 3713 Urban Green Interventions course to create a press kit, a web page, and a social media marketing plan for them.

Learn more about this course at http://sustainablemarketing.webs.com/