Organizational Leadership Moves to the Institute

Woodbury University is pleased to announce that the Organizational Leadership undergraduate and graduate degree programs are now part of the Institute of Transdisciplinary Studies.

This move from the School of Business to the Institute offers numerous advantages that will benefit students and increase the visibility, outreach, and growth of the Organizational Leadership programs. The Institute’s expertise in connecting and integrating various perspectives of thought, as well as in developing and assessing quantitative and written communication skills are an excellent fit with the Organizational Leadership focus on critical thinking, human behavior, ethics, and teams. The change also recognizes that the Organizational Leadership program’s emphasis on rigorous learning rooted in both professional experience and the liberal arts and sciences is quintessentially transdisciplinary.

Although the programs have been relocated within the university’s academic structure, there are no changes in curriculum or degree designations (bachelor of arts or master of arts).  Students will take the same sequence of classes with their current cohort, and even continue to use classrooms in the School of Business.  Paul Decker will continue in his role as Coordinator of Organizational Leadership, working closely with the Dean of the Institute, Dr. Douglas J. Cremer. 

We invite you to contact us, paul.decker@woodbury.edu or douglas.cremer@woodbury.edu, with any questions or to take advantage of increased opportunities for collaboration with and advice from faculty of the Institute.