New Woodbury Alumni Alliance Fights for Cal Grants

Woodbury alumni who received Cal Grants or who care about this important program are teaming up through the new Alumni Alliance to urge state lawmakers to preserve Cal Grant funding and ensure that California’s most academically qualified, financially needy students have an opportunity to earn a university degree. Although California’s budget problems are urgent, the governor’s proposed cuts to Cal Grants would be an unmitigated disaster for thousands of students who will grow our economy in the near future.

“Cal Grants remain a lifeline for all California students who wish to educate themselves for the careers of the future,” said Ani Okkasian, 2008 Alumna and University Trustee. “They help California citizens prepare to meet the challenges facing our economy. I received a Cal Grant as an undergraduate student and it made all the difference in my ability to complete my education and pursue my goals.”

Approximately 94% of students attending Woodbury last year received some form of financial aid, with approximately 30% receiving a Cal Grant. The typical Cal Grant winner will also receive $9,000 - $12,000 in direct scholarship support from Woodbury. Please work together through the Woodbury Alumni Alliance by emailing Heather Fishman, Associate Director of Alumni & Events at heather.fishman@woodbury.edu and share your story about the positive impact of Cal Grants on your education.