Interior Architecture Student Wins Prestigious Angelo Donghia Foundation Scholarship

Congratulations to interior architecture student Caroline Morris, winner of the prestigious Angelo Donghia Foundation Scholarship. Revolve, her winning project, is a library in the round for children and youth's affected by generational poverty. Her concept emphasizes not only the spatial power of interior architecture, but also the need for community and politics  within design.

Morris, who will receive a $30,000 award for her senior year tuition, books, and so forth, is one of only 13 scholarship recipients from a field of more than 200 competitors. She is the third Woodbury interior architecture student to win one of the national awards; Woodbury students Iva Kremsa and Jill Wood previously earned Angelo Donghia Foundation scholarships.

In describing the design problem and concept, Morris noted that children affected by generational poverty in some cases do not receive the educational support and resources necessary or desired to meet their full potential. The purpose of her design for the library is to fill the gaps that these children might be experiencing by giving them a comfortable, nurturing, and educational environment intended to help them succeed on multiple levels. The users experience the library along a circular core, intended to be seen as a progression or improvement. The circular organization and programmatic designations, based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, provides a constant upward movement for library users. This basis in self-development and peer mentoring will encourage users to succeed as they see their peers doing so. This system will reinforce support, insistence and expectations. These defined needs found through Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs inform the specialized set of programs for
these users while maintaining flexibility through open programs for the broader public audience. The library will serve the community’s long-term needs by assisting children in identifying their potential and goals- ultimately improving their lifestyles through the development innate to the library.


The Angelo Donghia Foundation, Inc., was established by the late Angelo Donghia, an internationally recognized interior design icon and source of inspiration to the design world.