Grand Critique 2012 Winners

Congratulations to Teagan, Eric, and Damiana. They’ll be honored on October 30 at the annual Woodbury University School of Architecture Grand Critique, emceed by graduate students Henry Cheung and John Epperly.

Architectural Student Selection Award
AIA/ San Fernando Valley Fund- Rudolph De Dhellis, FAIA Scholarship Award
Teagan Castellon

Highest Student G.P.A. Award
AIA/ San Fernando Valley Fund-George G. Terpatsi, AIA Memorial Scholarship Award
Eric Arm

Architectural Faculty Selection Award
AIA/ San Fernando Valley Fund-Joel Jaffe, AIA and Robin Jaffe, AIA Scholarship Award
Damiana Zinn

Gregory Dulgeryan
Paul M. Tuason
Michael Franz Sibayan
Justin Owens
Kellen Carel
Michael Anderson

Henry Cheung
Pamas Moleeratanond