Design Village Win

Congratulations to all the School of Architecture students who participated in Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's annual Design Village Competition <http://designvillage.calpoly.edu/> and extra cheers to Team 4, who took home first place in the Move category.

All three teams did a phenomenal job. Each of the three teams carried a structure of their own design nearly a mile up Poly Canyon Road to the competition site and slept in them overnight. Made out of wood, pipe, rope and canvas, the Design Village projects all are innovative experiments in shelter.

Team 4
Captain: Phong Lee
Esther Sahagun-Soto
Dominic Tenette
Sergio Legon-Talamoni
Advisor: Oscar Corletto

Team 3
Captain: Luis Ixta
Nathan York
Jesse Ledin
Advisor:Oscar Corletto

Team 34
Captain: Robert Canchola
Angel Centeno
Cindy Davila
Francisco Pila
Advisor: John Brockway