Banner Year for Psych Majors

It’s a banner year, again for Woodbury psychology majors!  Six of our seven seniors have had their senior thesis research projects accepted for presentation at the Apriil 25 Western Psychological Association Annual Convention in Reno, Nevada.

The students and their projects are:

  • Eileen Ascano: Body Image and Self-Esteem within Person-Avatar Relationships.
  • Alena Sarkissian: Personal Habits and Fear of Divorce Among Children From Divorced and Intact Families
  • Dolly Poggio: Educational Motivation among American Citizens and Undocumented Students
  • Hayarpi Petrosyan: Parenting Styles and Academic Achievement
  • Diana Zurabian: Bond between Parent and Child Affects Early Dating and Falling in Love
  • Cindy Dardon: Objectification Of Gender: When Do We Feel Offended?