Architecture Students Use Talents to Help Veterans, Disabled

Woodbury University School of Architecture students, under the direction of Sonny Ward and Jeanine Centuori, have been designing and building sleeping cabins for the Shadow Hills Riding Club, a therapeutic horsemanship facility who works with veterans and people with disabilities. The students' design/build project via ACE Center in the school of architecture has been supported recently by:
Home Depot – donated a second $10,000 recently in materials for the deck and cabins (total of $20,000 donation)

Los Angeles City Mayor’s Office along with Volunteer Los Angeles. 
25 volunteers helped to work on the infrastructural deck supporting the cabins.
Several groups were involved including Street Heat Ridaz Motorcycle Club.

Materials have also been donated by:

Industrial Metal Supply Company- donated steel for a screen wall
Backyard Buildings and More- donated three sheds for the project