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Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts


Program Learning Outcomes

NASAD, National Association of Schools of Art and Design
WASC, Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Dave Collins, Visiting Chair

This degree is accredited by NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design) and by WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges).  This is a professional degree, but because Woodbury is a fully accredited university, it may also serve as a qualification for graduate study.

The Department of Filmmaking is committed to providing students with a film production and film business education that fills the needs of today’s motion picture industry, and to prepare them for tomorrow’s convergence of social media, Internet, television and cinema. Our aim is to inspire filmmakers to develop and create powerful stories, in both fiction and documentary, that will become part of the global discourse of cinema.

We are located in Burbank, the media center of Los Angeles, and next to Hollywood. Our city is host to hundreds of vendors, labs, studios, and production companies. The opportunities for students to intern with these companies are an important piece of the career plan that all students develop.

We cultivate individual talent, potential, and personal voice. We prepare innovative graduates and then connect them to the workplace, where they will advance the art of filmmaking and contribute responsibly in the global community.


  • Discover your creative voice: acting, screenwriting, sound, editing, cinematography, directing, producing, and art direction.
  • Master the use of visual language: show stories, rather than just tell them.
  • Focus your skill set with advanced training in: directing, producing, media production, sound design and mixing, screenwriting, pre-production planning, marketing and distribution.
  • Develop critical thinking skills in analytical studies of film history, social documentary, directors, genres, and national cinemas.
  • Act as a socially responsible artist: courses on the ethical use (and abuse) of the Internet, file sharing, copyright, media piracy, contracts, fair representation of yourself and others, non-exploitive use of actors, sets, and locations.


  • Students will understand film as a medium of communication.
  • Students will understand aesthetic principles of film.
  • Students will understand design principles considered in film production.
  • Students will understand the use of time as an expressive design consideration in film.
  • Students will produce work from concept to finished product.
  • Students will emphasize at least one area of film production, e.g., cinematography, editing,
    lighting, sound, animation, writing, etc.
  • Students will have functional knowledge of the history of film.
  • Students will coordinate project elements and communicate with involved personnel.
  • Students will understand marketing procedures for film production, distribution, and exhibition.
  • Students will serve an internship within the film industry.
  • Students will produce a supervised senior project.
  • Students will create a professional-quality portfolio.