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Nicole Keating

Chair, Communication





Nicole Keating, Ph.D. is a teacher, writer and documentarian. She received her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania and then joined the faculty of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. After teaching there for nearly a decade, she moved to Los Angeles to work in documentary production. She has published on topics dealing with media and social change, particularly in relationship to gender issues.

Nicole has always been motivated by a desire to combine her interest in storytelling with a strong commitment to social justice.  She studied theater at Sarah Lawrence College and then social and political philosophy at McGill University, completing her undergraduate honors thesis at McGill on the ethics of nonviolence. She began her career in Boston at Blackside, Inc., working on the acclaimed PBS documentary series Eyes on the Prize: America at the Racial Crossroads. Later she worked at Cine Qua Non, Inc., in New York, collaborating on documentaries dealing with women’s issues and social history.

Nicole recently completed a documentary trilogy for public television entitled Three Women in the City of Brotherly Love.  All three parts of the trilogy (“Barbara’s Dollhouse,” “Hair Appointment for Josie an American Beauty,” and “My Breast Friend Sam”) focus on strong female Philadelphians who reflect the irrepressible spirit of the city surrounding them.

Whether Nicole is teaching a class, working on a documentary or writing a paper, she enjoys telling stories and connecting with an audience – particularly an audience of Woodbury students or her two children!