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The mission of Woodbury Exhibitions is to present art and design that represents the full spectrum of artistic expression from the traditional to the experimental, and the historical to the contemporary. It is our intention that this broad examination of the rich and varied arts available in our immediate area and the world will compel students to become curious and articulate about the nature and meaning of art and design. Our varied specgtrum of art and design exhibitions and displays engages the University community and involves rotating exhibits that present a variety of visual arts interests including student course work, faculty projects, international topics and invited artists/designers.


Nan Rae Gallery

The Nan Rae Gallery exhibits the work of professional artists and designers, as well as students and faculty in a variety of disciplines
throughout the year.

Gallery Hours:



Wednesday - Saturday, 12:00-5:00 PM

Gallery Information 818.394.3312
MCD Office 818.394.3372

Tamkin Gallery

The Tamkin Gallery houses the rotating exhibits of the Fashion Study Collection, which includes the twentieth century costume collection.
Exhibits present overviews of selected style periods, and students utilize the displays for sketching and historical studies.

Gallery Hours:

Now Showing:

Thursday - Sunday, 12:00-5:00 PM

Readdressed: A Reintroduction to the Fashion Study Collection

In celebration of the Woodbury University Fashion Study Collection’s 35th anniversary, this exhibition serves to familiarize the Woodbury community with the many facets of the Study Collection by highlighting examples of tailoring, fabric treatments, innovative design, and accessories. Included are works by Elsa Schiaparelli, Gilbert Adrian, Issey Miyake and Yohji Yamamoto.