Student Filmmaker


JAYCEE MARQUEZ earned his AA in Cinema from Los Angeles City College. Jaycee is an accomplished cinematographer who has established his own production company, Brillian Films. He recently served as Associate Producer on the sci-fi feature Fate.

“I want to pursue a career in the motion picture industry because of the connections that films can make. It amazes me that a series of pictures can generate such an emotional impact on people. I want to reach out to audiences, make them laugh, cry, and to explore places few tread. In my opinion the best films are the ones that embody the human experience. With a career in film I can gain the skills and tools to do just that while connecting to people around the world. I’m interested in a film career because it deals with the people who make the silver screen come to life. Collaboration with other artists towards a project greater than the sum of its parts is one of my best experiences.”