Psychology Students to Present at Western Psychological Assoc. Convention

Twelve Woodbury University psychology students have had their research accepted for presentation at the Western Psychological Association’s annual convention in San Francisco in April.

The students and their research papers are as follows:

Sandy Charney
Picky retail stores: Level of service determined by customer profiling.

Monica Puente
Content analysis: Sex, drugs, and alcohol in Disney movies

Adena Navasartian
Academic dishonety in a college atmosphere

Ester Shaginian        
Television viewing and perceived reality

Sevana Karagoulian
Getting inked: Do tattoos affect risky behavior?

Rozi Janesian
Religiosity and sexual activity

Rebecca Terzian
Effect of doodling and texting on recall

Brizeyda Portal
Aggression: The priming effects of color

Takayuki Okawa
Sleep habits: Do college students get enough sleep?

Amanda Dodge
Infidelity, age, and gender

Claudia Velasco
Bilingualism and depression amongst college students

Krizeyda Portal
Stereotyping: The effects of gender and ethnicity on communication styles