New Degree in Game Art & Design

New degree in Game Art & Design will be joining MCD in the fall of 2012.  This Bachelor of Fine Arts degree offers students the tools, techniques, know-how and practical application of skills to meet the challenges of creating tomorrow’s video games.  It brings together art, animation, computer technology, sound design, storytelling and game design, and aligns with both the Media Technology and Animation programs.  Students will work in cross-disciplinary teams composed of artists, designers and technologists that mirror the professional world. Students may choose from two concentrations: Game Art, focusing on character and environmental design and animation; and Game Design, focusing on elements of design such as game conceptualization, play mechanic creation and prototyping. This Degree is awaiting approval in Spring 2012, from NASAD, the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. For more information contact the School of Media, Culture & Design at 818-394-3372.