Masters of the Pitch from Many Disciplines to Speak in COMM 3719

Guest speakers will include pitch veterans from business, film, animation, graphic design, fashion design and architecture.  This new course, entitled “The Art and Craft of the Pitch in Design and Business,” will help students become more effective, confident, and competent at presenting or pitching projects.  It offers a history and context of the pitch process and documents the multiple formats of pitching across the design and business disciplines.  Emphasis is on developing the skills that will enable you to get projects into production.  You will also develop analytical and critique tools to evaluate the pitches of others, across diverse departments.  This class is designed for all undergraduate majors in Schools of Business; Architecture; and Media, Culture and Design.  Speakers are scheduled Monday evenings from 7-8 pm January 10 to February14 in Fletcher Jones Auditorium.  The entire campus community is invited to attend.