Graphic Design Professors Speak on Social Responsibility in Graphic Design

Professors Sue Vessella, Behnoush McKay, and Cate Roman’s presentation, Cultivating Diverse Perspectives in a Global Community: Visual Communication and Social Responsibility, showcases the Woodbury University Graphic Design program.  The curriculum asserts that designer’s decisions have an impact on the planet, and understanding that impact and accepting responsibility for one’s actions contributes to the moral and ethical condition of the educated professional. Sue Vessella, Chair of the department say’s “This philosophy has influenced our methodology of teaching, through projects that stimulate a greater understanding of the social responsibility of a graphic designer. In order to prepare graduates to contribute responsibly in a global community, students are encouraged to investigate various cultures, theories, and social movements, to shape their projects and arrive at unique solutions.”  The professors will speak at the conference, Educating for Personal and Social Responsibility: A Twenty-First-Century Imperative, sponsored by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.