Digital Media Technologies and New Political Communication

Join us on March 2, 2012 to hear from Maxat Kassen of the University of Illinois at Chicago explore digital media technologies and new political communicationthe former. Kassen is the former acting head of foreign media service in the National Information Agency for Kazakhstan and a Fulbright scholar.

The implications of information age are often characterized as impetuous and sometimes unpredictable. The acceleration and volatility of the processes are mainly caused by increasing development and widespread use of new digital media technology. One of the consequences is that it blurs traditional distinction between the meanings of global and local. Digital media technology is absolutely new phenomenon in our life. It is both a challenge and opportunity equally for established and emerging nations; the trend which will affect the future of communication and innovations, the future of policymaking and even international relations by changing traditional perceptions of other actors and influencing political agenda-setting in a new more effective manner.

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