Congratulations Woodbury Filmmaking Students!

On April 9 at the Santa Monica Playhouse a team of six freshmen (comprised of Jonathan Schnoravorian, Kaitlyn Jones, McKenzie Zuleger, Nicholas Gooden, Dana Bouchey, and Sarah Asaly) came in second place in a multiple school competition to design an internet ad campaign.  The product is Manzana Verde, a carbonated apple drink soon to be introduced in the United States.

The competition was organized by My Production Workshop, a company that seeks to enable young filmmakers by giving them real-world exposure to advertising clients.  The client for this competition was Sidral Mundet, the 105 year soft drink company that is widely distributed in Central and South America.

Students were mentored by commercial director Sergio Guerrero, commercial producer Marcelo Alvarez, and aided by Woodbury faculty member Rick Rafanovic.
“We hope to run such competitions regularly,” said Edmundo Macias of Novamex, Inc, who helped judge the competition.  “These student filmmakers represent the future of the advertising industry...and they themselves are part of the demographic we are trying to reach.”