Writing Across the Curriculum

The Writing Department prepares students for writing-intensive courses in other disciplines. Both capstone courses, WRIT 112 and WRIT 212, are founded on the theories of Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) and Writing in the Disciplines (WID).

WAC embraces the position that writing instruction should happen across academic program and departmental boundaries and occur throughout students’ education. It sees writing as integral to discovery and learning. WID recognizes that as part of their professional preparation, students need instruction and practice in discipline-specific writing conventions. Writing within discipline-specific norms allows students to successfully participate in the discourse communities associated with their chosen careers.

Writing Consultant Program
To foster WAC/WID within the Woodbury community, the Writing Department’s Writing Consultant Program pairs Academic Writing Program professors with other faculty across the curriculum to create effective writing assignments and to help undergraduate and graduate students with supplementary writing instruction and mentoring. In addition, through the Writing for Academic Success Program (WASP), Academic Writing Program professors offer assistance to students in courses that are participating in Writing Consultant Program collaboration.

To encourage superior writing, every spring, during award ceremonies before graduation, the Academic Writing Program recognizes several excellent student writers—some from the Academic Writing Program but most from other disciplines.

For More Information About WAC/WID and the Writing Consultant Program
Aristi Contos, MA
Writing Consultant Program Coordinator
(818) 252-5304

Richard Matzen, PhD
Chair, Writing Department
(818) 252-5128