Academic Writing Program

The Academic Writing Program offers a sequence of four courses (WRIT 100, 111, 112, and 212) as part of Woodbury University’s general-education (GE) requirements in the area of English Communication, helping traditional, nontraditional, and transfer students understand and successfully use the writing process to develop, synthesize, and present their ideas.

While developing and engaging in academic discourse with their peers and instructors, student writers integrate their personal opinions and experiences with a variety of contexts. The texts they read and the blended essays and research papers they write prepare them to use writing as a mode of learning and to complete written assignments in the GE curriculum and in their major program(s). To facilitate this mission, AWP instructors practice a student-centered pedagogy, teach
that social processes shape academic writing, and help students understand the ethical and cultural implications of having opinions, sharing information, and
using technology.

When they first arrive at Woodbury University, students are placed in the WRIT course appropriate to their level of writing preparation through the English Placement Program, based on a timed-essay exam or a portfolio review. For more information, please see the Study Guide. Students then enroll in AWP courses during consecutive semesters, beginning with their first semester, until the entire AWP sequence has been completed with a grade of “C” or better in each AWP course.

For More Information About the Academic Writing Program
Andy McCutcheon, MA    
Academic Writing Program Coordinator      
(818) 394-3304    

Richard Matzen, PhD
Chair, Writing Department
(818) 252-5128