About the Writing Department

The Writing Department's Academic Writing Program offers four fundamental courses: WRIT 100, 111, 112, and 212. The first two form the foundation of the program: First-year students enroll in either course, based on a placement exam. The last two function as capstone courses: WRIT 112 for students who begin as freshmen as well as transfers from California community colleges and WRIT 212 for transfer students from other four-year colleges and universities. The courses are an integral part of Woodbury University’s general-education (GE) requirements in the area of English Communication. The AWP helps traditional, nontraditional, and transfer students understand and successfully use the writing process to synthesize and present their ideas.

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Transition English Language Program (TELP)

The Transition English Language Program (TELP) prepares international, English as a Second Language (ESL) students with intensive English training for admission to Woodbury University. Beginning with the Fall 2012 semester, TELP is organized as part of the Writing Department, the Institute of Transdisciplinary Studies, and the University.

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Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing in the Disciplines (WAC/WID) at Woodbury University is supported by the Writing Department through a number of cross-disciplinary outreach initiatives. The Writing Consultant Program pairs AWP professors with professors from across the curriculum to create effective writing assignments and to help undergraduate and graduate students to continue to develop their academic and pre-professional writing skills.

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The Writing Center (TWC) offers peer tutoring services at all stages of the writing process. Student writing “coaches” help students find ideas, refine thesis statements, organize their thoughts, use correct documentation and format, understand the strengths and weaknesses of a draft, and learn how to edit and proofread their own work.

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For further information about the Writing department contact:

Rich Matzen, PhD
Chair, Writing Department
818.252.5128, rich.matzen@woodbury.edu