Applicants whose scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are:

a. below 500 (undergraduates) or 550 (graduate students) on the paper-based test

b. below 173 (undergraduates) or 223 (graduate students) on the computer-based test

c. below 61 (undergraduates) or 79 (graduate students) on the Internet-based test

and who otherwise qualify for admission to Woodbury are eligible for admission into the Transition English Language Program.

Once admitted to the TELP Program, students take the Placement Tests, which consist of the institutional TOEFL, the Test of Written English (TWE), and a speaking assessment. TELP faculty use the results of these tests to place students into an appropriate combination of TELP and Woodbury University coursework.

Faculty place students into each TELP course according to their demonstrated level of proficiency in each of the four modalities: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

After students are placed into a particular TELP course, they must achieve “passing” grades before moving on to the next course in that sequence. For example, a student with an Institutional TOEFL Reading Sub-Score of 44 or lower must enroll in TELP 0409 and earn a grade of C or better before enrolling in TELP 0436. However, a student with an Institutional TOEFL Reading Sub-Score of 50 or greater may enroll in TELP 0436 directly (i.e., without needing to take and pass TELP 0409).

One week after classes begin, students who feel they were not correctly placed may petition the TELP director for reassessment and possible placement into more challenging coursework.