To satisfy the requirements of the Transition English Language Program curriculum, students must complete or show equivalency* in the following courses:

Standard Entry

TELP 0403 Grammar in Context

TELP 0406 Listening & Conversation

TELP 0409 Vocabulary in Context

TELP 0412 Fundamentals of Composition I

TELP 0421 Cultural Investigation: Research Methods

Accelerated Entry

TELP 0422 Advanced Cultural Investigation: Research Methods II

TELP 0431 Scholarly Speech & Debate

TELP 0433 Fundamentals of Composition II

TELP 0436 Los Angeles: Texts & Contexts

If a student were at lower levels of proficiency in all aspects of English—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—this student would take all the “standard entry” courses. However, if a student excels in any modality, then this student takes the appropriate “accelerated entry” course in that modality. In any case, students are enrolled for 15 credit hours per semester and may have a mixture of courses during a semester. This mixture means that, in addition to TELP classes, students may also take an Integrated Studies course (e.g., COMM120, WRIT100), and/or a course in their majors).

* For more information about showing equivalency or qualifying for placement into an accelerated entry course, see “Placement” section (above).

Course Descriptions